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John Green is the author of some amazing young adult books, like The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. If you've ever read one of his novels, then you'd know how romantic they can be. So if you're looking for a story to make you swoon, and maybe even cry, pick up a copy of one of his books. Until then, here are a few sweet John Green quotes about love:

1. Falling in Love Happens Slowly


When you fall in love, it doesn't happen in the blink of an eye. You need to really get to know the other person before you can develop deep feelings for them. Of course, even though you'll develop those feelings gradually, all of a sudden they'll completely blossom. As John Green says, it happens slowly and then all at once.

The Things That Matter the Most Hurt the Most


Wow I love them so deep
Love them!!
I will certainly pick up a John green book next time I go to the library!
Beautiful quotes. I love them!
Beautiful quotess
I must say though, that last quote cannot be from him, unless he had anything to do with a walk to remember , because that line is said in that movie and I will mever forget it. And now that I'm on th...
This made my day !! Thanks 😊
one of the most talented authors, whose books I had and still have the luck to read
one of the most talented authors, which books I had and still have the luck to read
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