7 Sweet Things Men Say That Get Our Hearts Pounding ...


Whether you're in a serious relationship or crushing on someone, you know that there are sweet things men say. Whether they tell you how gorgeous you look, or remember something small you told them years ago, it's always nice to hear. You don't want your happiness to depend on a guy, but they can certainly help lift your spirits. Here are some of the sweet things men say that will get your heart pounding:

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He Gives Casual Compliments

Sure, it's nice when he makes a point to tell you how beautiful you are. But it's even nicer when he casually mentions how wonderful you are, without even meaning to compliment you. He just does so naturally, because he loves you so much. One of the sweet things men say is how awesome you are, without even trying to score brownie points.


He Talks about Your Favorite Things

When a guy tells you that he bought your favorite candy or that he's watching your favorite TV show, it means he knows what you like. He pays attention when you talk, so he's knowledgeable about all of your favorite things. What better way to show you that he actually listens when you speak?


He Asks about Personal Matters

When you tell him about a big test you're having or family issues you're having, and he remembers to ask about them a few days later, you're happy he remembers. It's only a simple question, but it means so much more. It's nice to know that someone actually cares about what happens to you.


He Remembers Details about Your Family

When he calls your distant family members by their names or remembers stories you've told him about your cousins, it'll brighten your day. Instead of simply remembering things about you, he's remembering things about your family--because they might be his family too, one day.


He is Easily Reminded of You

He sees a cute girl in a movie and tells you that she reminded him of you. He sees your favorite celebrity on a talk show, and texts you to pass on the information. There are small things that remind him of you, because you're always on his mind. It's nice to know that you're in his thoughts, even when you're not in the room with him.


He Gives Cute Compliments

There's nothing wrong with a good, old fashioned compliment. It's nice to be told that you're pretty, sweet, smart, or friendly. As long as the compliments are genuine, it's easy to appreciate them. People don't need to say nice things, so when they do, it's always refreshing.


He Wants to Be near You

Even if he left your house a few hours ago, he's texts you to tell you how much he misses you. He loves your company, so he wishes he could be around you all of the time. Even though it can be clear when someone enjoys spending time with you, it's nice for them to put their thoughts into words.

Men can be oblivious at times, but they can also be incredibly thoughtful. You never know when your boyfriend or crush is going to say something adorable that will keep you smiling for the entire day. What's the sweetest thing that a guy has ever said or done for you?

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also when you're having an argument or a fight and in between he just says "I love you. I'm sorry" really does get to me.

I love when I answer the phone & says "hey beautiful" gets me every time lol or when he just stares & says I love you out of nowhere ^_^

The other day I was feeling irritated so I would reply in short sentences. After a while he texted, "you're the most beautiful girl in the world." I couldn't stop smiling after that!

so trueeeee that's what makes a happy relationship

All so true! I am a very lucky girl!! :)

my man only does one of these points, he needs a little reminder every now and then 😉 there's many ways that guys show their love though ☺️

my boyfriend does all of this. :)

my boyfriend is amazing! im so happy

this all is true but the most important can keep the relationship is to be honest and to be loyal, without this two no relationship can be longer:)

My boyfriend do all these thing and that's make me love him more.. I'm so lucky to have him.

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