17 Unconventional Yet Sweet Valentine's Day Dates ...

Get ready to watch sparks fly and say goodbye to all clichΓ©s on these unconventional dates for Valentine's Day. I find that it can be really exciting thinking of unique ideas for a romantic outing that still encapsulate what the day should be about: spending time with someone you really care about. If it's your first date, it's especially important to make it a memorable one. These sweet unconventional dates for Valentine's Day will not only get you and your partner on your feet, they will also give you guys something to smile about!

1. Hiking

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Outdoor enthusiasts will get a kick out of this first choice for unconventional dates. When the word "Valentine" comes to mind, people often think that the movie outing is mandatory. While I am a film aficionado and will use any excuse to catch the latest movie, I say that there is nothing wrong with combating this thought and going on a hike! Nothing will pump your adrenaline faster than this!

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