6 Tantric 😘 Tips for a Better πŸ™Œ Orgasm 😲 ...


If you don’t know what tantric sex is, it is essentially an ancient Hindu practice that focuses on the weaving and expansion of your energy in order to create the perfect flow and connection and bring you even greater pleasure than normal. Celebrities like Sting have spoken about the benefits and pleasures of tantric sex before, and it sounds so great that maybe it’s time for you to get involved too! If it means having better sex, then why would you now want to give it a go! Here are six tantric tips for a much better orgasm!

1. Set the Mood

A lot of pleasure comes from the mind as well as the physical sensation of touch. Tantric sex is pretty much the opposite of a quickie! It’s all about creating the right atmosphere, get those scented candles out, pick the perfect playlist, decorate the room with some beautiful flowers, make use of aromatherapy. All of these little touches will add up to make a big sexual impact.