Team Building 🎽 Exercises for Couples 💑 Looking to Strengthen 💪🏼 Their Relationships ...

You should see your boyfriend as your teammate, because you two are on the same side. If you see each other as competitors, then your relationship could end up crumbling. In order to avoid that, here are a few team building exercises for couples that should strengthen your bond and your ability to work together:

1. Act as a Sketch Artist

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For this activity, all you have to do is grab an item from somewhere in the room. Then you should sit back to back with your partner, so he doesn't see the object while you describe it to him. He should use a piece of paper to draw that object to see how close his depiction is to the real thing. The activity is meant to help you two learn how to communicate properly.

2. Build Ikea Furniture Together

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If you two don't share an apartment, you can buy an elaborate Lego set to build together, instead of an Ikea closet. Either way, you're going to have to work together to figure out where every piece fits. It's easy to become frustrated with each other when you're doing such a frustrating activity, which is why this is such a great couple's building exercise. If you can do this together, you can do anything together.

3. Wear the Same Shirt

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For this activity, you need an oversized shirt that the two of you can fit in together. You need to put one arm through an armhole, and let your partner put one of his arms through the other hole. Then you should try to do something simple, like make a sandwich together, while using one hand each. It'll force you to work as a team.

4. Play Co-op Video Games

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If you two love to play video games, it's time for you to play them together. Instead of taking turns, like you would during a board game, a co-op video game requires you to work together. You can buy anything you'd like, from Call of Duty to Super Mario 3D World, as long as it allows you to play at the same time.

5. Find Another Couple for Improvisation

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If you have another couple over, then you can play a team building exercise with them. All you have to do is a little acting. Pretend that you're a shop owner talking to a customer, or that you're a celebrity talking to a fan. The catch? You and your partner must speak slowly, so that you can say the same words at the same time. You'll be acting as one person, and the other couple will be acting as the other person.

6. Run a Two-Legged Race

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This is something that you probably did in elementary school, but it's time to do it again. Find an open space in your house, or go outside, and tie one of your legs to your partner's leg. Then you should walk around for as long as you can without tripping or stumbling. It'll teach you two to be more in sync.

7. Build a Jenga Tower

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Board games can be just as helpful as the other exercises on this list, as long as you tweak them a bit. That's why it's time to put a twist on the game of Jenga. Instead of trying to make the tower tumble on your partner, you two should try to keep the tower standing for as long as possible. It's harder than it looks.

If you're in a relationship, you should try each of these activities. What other team building exercises have you done with your partner?

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