8 Teasing Expressions and What They Mean ...


8 Teasing Expressions and What They Mean ...
8 Teasing Expressions and What They Mean ...

Meanings of Tease like smiles, long looks, and other flirtations can mean different things to different people, so it's always important to know which tease signifies what. Making sure that you are giving off the right meaning of teases is important, especially if you're trying to attract your crush! With that in mind, I've got the top 8 list of meanings of tease and all of the teasing expressions that you can handle!

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Mona Lisa Smile

The classic coy, Mona Lisa smile is a cute way to show your crush that your interested in him. This is totally one of the meaning of tease expressions that I use all of the time. Just twist your lips a little upward, glance down and look up through your eyelashes – whatever you want, your guy will get for you!


Narrowed Eyes

Now ladies, narrowing your eyes has to be tactful and strategic because narrowing your eyes typically means that you're angry. Let's say that your crush is poking fun at you, narrowing your eyes and playfully glaring at him is a cute way to tease him. This is truly one of the tease expressions that I use all of the time!


Lips Attention

Drawing any attention to your lips is a great way to get your crush interested. So why not purse your lips, lick them a little and even just chew on your lower lip. Men love to be teased by women and this is one of the meanings of tease expressions that really works!


Drawn Together Eyebrows

Wrinkling up or drawing your eyebrows together can mean tons of different things. For me, I do it when I'm playfully made at the Better Half. It's so adorable, that your man won't be able to resist you!


Playful Frown

You can actually pair your wrinkled up eyebrows with a small frown to really pull off that adorable look. Heck, even throwing out that pouty lower lip will most likely get you anything that you want. Do he start to poke fun at you? Give him the puppy face and see what happens!


Pokes & Prods

I recently went on a double date with a good friend of mine and the guy that she's been dating, they've been together for only a month now and the pokes and prods that they gave one another was so adorable! If you're looking for a cute and fun way to tease your man, why not poke a little fun at him – literately! Just poke his sides, try to tickle him a little – it's one of the teasing ways to just touch him and for him to know that you're into him!


Open Mouth Smile

A lot of the times, when you're nervous, you probably give tight-lipped smiles that are still adorable, but when you really let loose and just flash those pearly whites, it's even better! Ladies, no matter what your teeth look like, a man loves seeing a woman smile. Guys like when we really smile, even if we aren't aware of how big we're smiling!



Finally, laughing. Laughing is a huge thing you can do to not only tease your man but also a great way to put him at ease. I laugh all of the time. No, I'm serious, all of the time and it puts people at ease and it's actually infectious!

Finding out all of the meaning of tease is hard if you don't know where to look. Teasing in general can be hard if you try too hard at it! That's why I came up with the top 8 meaning of teases expressions that you can use with your man! So ladies, what teasing tricks do you have for someone who's new to teasing?

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