11. Youโ€™re Only Having Sex

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Yes, to some this may sound like a good thing. However, if this is the only good thing you have going on in your relationship then it may be time to say goodbye. You donโ€™t talk to each other, share any common interests and only make an effort to have sex because itโ€™s there. This is no longer a relationship, so do the right thing because you know that inside, you donโ€™t feel right about it anymore.

He Tells You What to do


So true
Sahandra Rivera
@Teresa he's playing games. If he wanted you, he would be STRAIGHT UP! Don't go for a guy like that, it'll bring trouble in the future.
Sahandra Rivera
@Leah Benyamin communication is the key! 🔑
Sahandra Rivera
@gabbymaiolo1327 talk to him about it! That's what I did with mine,and after a loooong serious talk we got out priorities straight and are back to our normal selves now. It's always about communication! Good luck 😘
My bf shows all of the signs :/
@Leah Benyamin oh my gosh so happy for u
Faiza Rammuny
@Teresa If your ex wants you, he's going to fight or you. He's not going to keep playing childish games to make a point. A real man won't play games, he'll take hotdog your arm and say, "Stay. I don't...
Faiza Rammuny
@elle That's a huge compliment. Glad I could help. It took me a long time to get to the point where I said to myself, "I deserve better," because I loved him. But I realized that if he had felt the sa...
Leah Benyamin
Ms. Rammuny, after reading your post, and noting that my fiance is/has been showing each and every one of those signs for about five months now, I sat down with him and had a heart to heart. He told m...
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