8 Telling Signs He is Embarrassed of You ...

By Heather

8 Telling Signs He is Embarrassed of You ...

Do you know some of the signs he is embarrassed of you? Do you know how to spot if your man is ashamed to show you off? Do you have your suspicions? Well girls, if you think that your guy is ashamed of you for any reason, below I've got the top 8 signs he is embarrassed of you. That way you can really tell if he is embarrassed of you or not. You ready to see all of the signs he is embarrassed of you?

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1 He Doesn't Introduce You as His Girlfriend

Does your boyfriend introduce you to people? Does he call you his girlfriend when he does introduce you? If not, that could be one of the signs he is embarrassed of you. You want a guy that is going to be proud to introduce you as his girlfriend. You want a boyfriend that is really going to show you off in all of the right ways!

2 He Ignores You in Public

When you are out in public with your boyfriend, does he constantly walk ahead of you? Does he constantly avoid even talking to you? It could be one of the signs he is embarrassed of you and you might not even know it! If he won't even hold your hand or really acknowledge you in public, it's a sign ladies and you'll have to make a choice!

3 He Won't Commit on Facebook

While Facebook is not the end all be all on the signs he is embarrassed it is one of the signs. If he can't commit on Facebook, if he can't prove that you two are in a relationship in a public forum like that, why? Is it because he is ashamed of you? Does he not want to be called your boyfriend? It might be something to discuss with him!

4 He Always Picks Dark Restaurants

Are the restaurants that he picks always dark? Is there never enough lighting? It might seem romantic the first couple times that he picks those types of restaurants, but if he constantly picks them, it could be one of the signs he is embarrassed of you. Girls, ask him about it if you are in this type of situation. Why don't you try to choose the restaurant?

5 You've Never Met Him in a Public Place

Do you constantly meet at your place or at his place, but never, ever in public? Do you bring up meeting in public and he constantly shoots it down? It's weird right? It could be a sign he is embarrassed of you girls! You'll need to confront him on it, need to make sure that he knows that it's not normal for you to never, ever meet him somewhere!

6 No PDAs

When you are out in public and he is talking to you, does he give any affection at all? Does he hold your hand? Kiss your cheek? If there are moments when there could be some affection but he doesn't take advantage of it, that could be a sign he is embarrassed of you! Talk to him about it a little bit and see what his excuse is!

7 He Won't Meet Your Friends

So you've been trying for weeks to get your boyfriend to meet your friends, but he is constantly canceling on you. Does that sound familiar? It could be one of the signs girls, after all, what boyfriend doesn't want to meet his girlfriends friends – at the very least to dish on his girlfriend!

8 He Won't Introduce You to His Friends

Finally, the last sign he is embarrassed of you is that he refuses to introduce you to any of his friends. If you have a boyfriend, you should be able to know his friends, so that way you can get to know him more and who he hangs out with. While you might not have to be friends with his friends, at least meeting his friends is a good sign for the future.

So ladies, do any of these signs he is embarrassed of you sound familiar? Do you think that you are in a type of relationship where your boyfriend is embarrassed of you? What other signs he is embarrassed of you are out there? Give 'em up in the comments!

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I'm not really sure if PDA should be considered on this list. My boyfriend and I aren't big on PDA... mostly because we don't enjoy it when other couples engage in Public Displays of Affection. We feel that should be a private matter. We even keep hand-holding to a minimum... more so on my part.

I was sick for 2 months in hospital then touring home for therapy at that time I thought he really changed he held my had he even talked tome better thought we had a second chance to make it work better together but while I was gone he said said he would straighten out the house so it would be easier to get around but didn't happen he lied was sorta better a first week or so but back to the same thing no empathy no I'm sorry I didn't get things ready nothing I was hurt really thought we had a chance I'm really sad that he doesn't here me at all I guess he is the king of the castle I'm back on the bottom again also he ask if he is ashamed of me also going to a store 10 feet a head of me it seems I've been inbarredt seeing him act like that I'm not ugly not skinny but plus but always try to look nice he mentmethis way I'm so confused cause he never talks about anything get sorta upset if I ask a question anyway ineeded to vent I guess sorry and thanks by the way he isn't on facebook

Well things were going great we used to go out.  We used to hang take trips together.  We used to go out with friends everything.  I swear his bro came around says he doesn't take his girl out in public they next thing I know we don't go out in public anymore.  He says I'm his girl to ppl on the phone but there is much of going out. He makes plans I'll tell him I want to go. He will end up going without me.  I'm like wow is it me?  Is he ashamed of me like wtf? We go out every once in a while like every 6 months. But geeze.

Okay, well this guy, we used to date, until I broke up with him... I made a big mistake doing that, I liked him mostly because of his humorous personality but also his bright blue eyes, I was talking to a guy friend.. And the "guy" walked by me, and I looked at him, and he looked at me... I now notice how much I really liked him and noticed I didn't realize what I lost until I really broke up our relationship. I'm 13 and he's almost 14.. I have had my first kiss, but he had his when he was 12.. And my friend dated him, and said he tried making out with her.. Is that bad?

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