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11 Telling Signs He Likes You ...

By Heather

Picking up on signs he likes you isn't always easy. In fact, most girls don't pick up on the simplest signs he likes you unless they are super obvious! Well ladies, I'm going to make it really easy for you, I'm going to let you know all of the signs he likes you, that way you'll be able to tell him that you like him too!

1 Body Language

By far, one of the first signs he likes you is the body language that he uses. Is he constantly touching you? Constantly near you? Is his pose relaxed and open when he's around you? These are all signs he likes you, but you just have to make sure that you are paying attention to all of the little body language signs he gives off!

2 Listen to the Words He's Using

When a guy really likes a girl, he actually thinks about the words he is using – or he fumbles over them. If you notice one or the other, maybe that is one of the signs he likes you! Truthfully girls, you really want to make sure that you pay attention to your crush when he talks to you, you'll be able to notice some of the subtle hints that he might like you!

3 See How He Treats You Compared to Other Girls

Do you notice that your crush treats most girls like one of the guys but he treats you like perfection, like a lady? Well, that is definitely one of the signs he likes you! A guy won't treat a girl like a lady if he doesn't really like her.

4 Signs of Nervousness

Guys typically have a ton of nerves built up when they are in front of a girl that they like. If the guy is fidgeting constantly, shifting his weight and won't make eye contact, that could be one of the signs he likes you! Just watch out for signs of nervousness ladies, then make sure to calm him down, he'll like you even more for understanding!

5 Mimicking Signs

It might seem annoying when a guy mimics you, but truthfully, it's actually a sign that he might really like you. Whether it is a small bit of mimicking, such as sitting right next to you at the exact moment you sit, running your hand through your hair or biting your lip. All of these are signs of nervousness and shyness!

6 Compliments You

A guy who is really into a girl will typically give them all kinds of compliments. If your crush is constantly telling you how beautiful you are, if could be one of the signs he likes you! Compliment him back ladies, it'll definitely help boost his self esteem!

7 He's Comfortable around You

When a guy really likes you, he feels at ease around you most times. Although he might be nervous if you get to close or when dating comes up, it is a sign he likes you if he is super comfortable around you. The question is though, are you super comfortable around him too?

8 Teases You

When you are dealing with a crush and you have no idea if he really likes you or not -- does he tease you? Does he constantly joke around with you and feels comfortable enough that you'll not take him seriously? That's a sign that he likes you!

9 Really Listens to You

While guys tend to just 'listen' to you half-heartedly, your crush really wants to understand what makes you tick and really wants to know exactly what you are saying. He really pays attention to you when you are talking and even remembers what you tell him!

10 Wants to Really Know You

Listening goes hand-in-hand with really wanting to know you! He wants to know your likes, dislikes and everything that you hate and love in the world. He also remembers it when you tell him you hate roses so he brings you orchids -- just because he's that kind of guy.

11 Touches You Constantly

Finally, how is the touching? Does he play-fight with you or tickle you? Does he try to make you laugh? These are all things that a guy does when he likes a girl!

See ladies? There are tons of different signs he likes you that you can watch out for! You just have to make sure that you are paying attention to the signs he likes you, that way you'll be able to catch them. So ladies, what signs did you boyfriend give off when he was wooing you?

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