5. Mimicking Signs

It might seem annoying when a guy mimics you, but truthfully, it's actually a sign that he might really like you. Whether it is a small bit of mimicking, such as sitting right next to you at the exact moment you sit, running your hand through your hair or biting your lip. All of these are signs of nervousness and shyness!

Compliments You


@marc, That is really a horrible idea. No offense, but where did you get that idea? If she likes this guy, then why would she want to tell him she has a boyfriend? That would really hurt him and pus...
Anouk van der Kooi
Aww mine is also very nervous,, but when we are texting he is always sooo funny and and cute, he tells me evrything and i feel like i can tell him everything to,, i love him
Mayra Alexandra
hi I really need you help. So I met this guy who works with me and he's been workig with me for about 3 months now. He was always very flirtatious towards me, I went on vacation for a month and when I...
Heather Jensen
Hey Maya! I'd say if he has a girlfriend, you definitely have to back off a little bit -- he is taken. If he does end up breaking up with his girlfriend, he's free game and I'd flirt with him! :)
Maya Leyton
Hi, I really like ur tips :) I need help their is this I guy I met who is my friends brother and we went to the movie together and his arm was really close to mine and he give me hugs and we used to t...
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