6. Compliments You

A guy who is really into a girl will typically give them all kinds of compliments. If your crush is constantly telling you how beautiful you are, if could be one of the signs he likes you! Compliment him back ladies, it'll definitely help boost his self esteem!

He's Comfortable around You


Heather Jensen
Hi Isis! I know that it's hard, but I'd definitely see if you can make plans in advance. That way, you'll be able to see each other and hang out. :)
Thanks for the advice Heather!! But the only problem is well he's kind of like my friend. Sort of, I don't really know much about him and I can't get him alone so I can talk to him without his friend ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Isis! I'd actually talk to him a little bit and see if maybe he does have a crush on your BFF. It sounds like he likes you though, for sure! :)
Oh and sorry for the mistakes there I'm on my phone and it has autocorrect!!
Hey this advice is really good!!! But this guy I like is sending me mixed messages. He invades my personal place and he's protective around me when I talk to other boys but when I'm with my best frien...
Heather Jensen
Hi The! That's tricky -- you definitely don't want to go after the teacher -- that could end his career. I'd say you need to find someone that is your own age. :)
the brown girl
Hey, you guys are aweome!! I really REALLY need help! i think i have a crush on my english teacher! :S He treats me as others, and nice to me... but i get jealous when he talks to others! all the cool...
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