21. His Nudity and Advances Make You Cringe

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Do you cringe whenever you see him naked? If you do, it's going to weigh on your relationship. You should think your partner is the sexiest person on the planet, even though he has flaws. If you are no longer excited by the sight of him, then you might have to end it all.

His Pain Isn't Your Pain


Lily Rodrigues Pereira
I keep avoiding sex but i just not in the mood
Crystal Fallon
Been 8 years going on 9 and this past year I feel like we are roommates.  An it's not getting better our views on things are so different.  I don't know what to do but I do know I am not happy with this relationship.
How would you let him go without hurting him, because hes crazy enough to hurt himself if you hurt him
he wants back in so bad, and is really trying.. But I just cant trust him.. and Im lying to myself saying I can
anyone with kids and a serial cheater who youve separated from years ago and cant love anymore?
Me also I get get annoyed easily
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1 year and a half then he broke up with me suddenly 3 weeks later he's in an other relationship 😶
Why are there so many ads with each post. So annoying
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