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7 Tested Steps to Boost a Flailing Sex Life ...

By Sarah

If you and your partner are in a sex draught, fear not - here are 7 tested steps to boost a flailing sex life. Congratulations on taking the first step to putting some va-va-voom back into your relationship, by acknowledging that you want to improve your game. Sex requires the harmony of both mind and body, so the best way to improve passion is to first consider what might be inhibiting your moves in the bedroom and set them to right. My 7 tested steps to boost a flailing sex life will have you feeling less like a wet kitty and more of a feisty feline.

1 Eat Sexily

There is nothing less sexy then farting and belching from your pre-sex greasy curry. A smart girl considers what she eats prior to sexy-time. Eat foods that are easy to digest, and once you feel full stop eating, you don’t want to feel like a bloated whale. Next eat foods that are proven to increase your sex-drive – sea foods such as mussels, scallops and oysters will have you feeling more aroused and ready for action. I dare you to resist having sex with your man after eating a bowl of steaming mussels - so boost a flailing sex life by firstly eating smarter.

2 Groom

It’s hard to feel sexy when you have hairy legs and bad breath, so take action long before your next date by pampering yourself. Grooming can often feel like hard work and a waste of time - perhaps your partner never seems to notice when you shave your legs anyway? But pampering yourself is not just for his benefit; it is so you feel sexy too. Wax, moisturize and throw on some perfume, because all these little steps prepare you mentally for the big event and have you looking and feeling your best for the big event. You wouldn’t turn up to an exam without doing some revision, so don’t turn up to a big date without having done some prep work.

3 Dress to Impress

Now I don’t want to sound shallow, but in truth looking good on the outside will have you feeling good on the inside. I specifically recommend investing in some new underwear. Now don’t make the mistake of thinking I mean a tiny G-string and some nipple pasties. Buy underwear that will make you feel good, something that fits right and that you can feel confident and comfortable in. The sexiest thing you can wear for a man is confidence, so buy something you feel special in. Similarly match your new undies with an outfit that you love and feel great in.

4 Set the Mood

So you’re feeling good; you’ve had a tasty meal, you're groomed and wearing your new fancy pants. Now set the mood and tone for your night of pleasure. Take your man by surprise, rather than following your normal sexual routine why not kick-start things with a sensual massage? Put on some relaxed back ground music, grab your aromatherapy oils, and begin to gear up your mind and body by sensual touch. A glass or red wine might not go amiss either.

5 Take Your Time

Sex is not a race or a sprint, simply take your time and enjoy the ride. I want to emphasize the word PLAY in foreplay; sex is supposed to be fun. Spend time getting reacquainted with your partner’s body by running butterfly kisses up and down his best bits. Rediscover your man’s hot spots from his nipples to collar bone and jaw line - see what lights him up.

6 Be Daring

Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and get your freak on. Step away from your usual routine and risk something new, whether it's cowgirl style or dressing up as Wonder Woman. Do something that is new and unfamiliar. You may surprise yourself how fun it can be to go wild and find your inner porn star. Additional ideas include flavoured lube, light spanking, vibrators, watching porn together and trying role play. The internet is littered with ideas if you are struggling so do your research beforehand, and make it a night to remember.

7 Communicate

One of the reasons a couple's sex life can break down is poor communication. Whilst you’re relaxing in your post sex glow, take the time to find out what your other half enjoyed about the night and see if there has been anything on his mind resulting in the previous sex draught. Sex is supposed to be good fun and perfect stress release, so don’t let things between you get tense again. Take this perfect opportunity to talk through any issues you may have.

Having read my 7 step guide you may be thinking that I haven’t told you anything you don’t already know, but there-in lies my point. Sex does not have to involve whips, chains and PVC - plain vanilla sex is great for most of us. So just relax, have some fun and be confident in your new moves. Be daring, after all what have you got to lose?

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