6. Texting versus Sexting

I'm going to make a quick little point that I'm sure all mothers will agree with me on. I'm not a mother, but I do have siblings. And I think I'm within bounds by stating that minors, especially minors 16 and under, should not be sexting one another. It's actually illegal in some states now! Sexting versus texting is a broad subject, one with many opinions I'm sure. But the point is, while there may be no harm in flirting by text, there's a lot of harm in sext flirting and for young minors in particular!

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Victoria Elizabeth Stromberg
@Limerock12, I'm sooooo doing that, I just sent it :)
Heather Jensen
What have you tried when it comes to approaching your guy?
Heather Jensen
Not at all! Guys are hard to read -- but back off for a little while and see if you can get him to approach you first.
i really like this one guy, he likes me back too. but he never starts the chat, is that weird? i'm always the one, and i cant resist talking to him :(
So um.
I don't know how to approach guys. I don't get approached. Its like I'm not good enough for them. Everytime I give up, something happens. What should I do?
Heather Jensen
Hi Sara! It all depends on you and your body! :) It's your choice.
Heather Jensen
Take a look! I just answered it. :)
Also want to know your thoughts on Sara's question?
random question, can anyone tell me where the dress is from in the first picture?
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