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There are a few text messages you should never send to your ex if you don’t want to give them the wrong impression. I know how painful it can be seeing your ex, not to mention talking to them, and that’s why, text messages might seem like such a good idea to tell them what’s on your mind or what’s still bothering you. Yet, despite of all the feelings you might still have for them, just remember that they are your ex for a reason and that’s why you should pay attention to those text messages you should never send to your ex.

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“I Miss You”

In my opinion, this is one of the most important text messages you should never send to your ex. No matter how much you really miss him (her), try not to mention this to your ex. You’ll only seem needy and you’ll also be putting yourself out there emotionally. Most of the time, this statement isn’t even true, because you only remember the good times you’ve had together and you tend to forget all the negative things that he (she) did to you or how much he (she) hurt you.


“I Am Really Sorry”

Before saying this to your ex, make sure you really mean it or that you have some pretty good reasons to be sorry. Don’t just text him (her) that just for the sake of contact, because he (she) is your ex for a reason and you should try to move on and not let your life revolve around him (her). On the other hand, if you are the one who screwed up and you really regret your actions or your words, then, apologizing may be the best way to get some closure.


Song Lyrics

I know that sometimes song lyrics can express what you are feeling much better that you ever will, but that is not a reason to text them to your ex. Especially stay away from sending your former love messages with lyrics of your song, particularly if lately you’ve heard it pretty much everywhere and you've begun to think it’s a sign you two should get back together. It’s usually not and it can be pure coincidence.


One-Word Text Messages

I know how tempting might be sometimes to try to contact your ex but you shouldn’t use every excuse you get in order to do it. Avoid sending them one-word messages like “Hi!”, “Hello!” or “Hey!” because you are no longer a couple for a reason and if you really have something to say or something to ask them, be more elaborate and get right to the point.


Resentful Rants

I know you are hurting and you might even be furious but that’s not an excuse for being mean to your ex and for sending him (her) non-stop text messages full of resentful rants. If you want to move on, just let go of your past and that includes also everything that has to do with your ex. You’ll solve nothing by blaming him (her) for everything that goes wrong in your life and you’ll only seem bitter or, in some cases, drunk. Focus on yourself and on your happiness and try to forget about the one that hurt your feelings.


“Thinking of You”

Well, it’s definitely not a good idea to text this to your ex and I’m pretty sure you see why! It’s natural to think about your ex because he (she) used to play a very big part in your life, but sadly, they don’t anymore. By sending them these types of messages, you’ll only be sabotaging yourself and it will only be harder for you to move on. Since this isn’t really helpful, avoid it.


“I Just Want to Say Good-bye.”

It’s okay to seek closure when you’ve recently broke up with someone, but I’m sure you already did this in person, so there’s absolutely no need to text him (her) that, just because you’re secretly hoping that he (she) wants you two to get back together. Maybe this won’t even be such a good idea and also, you shouldn’t give yourself false hope. Maybe you’ll feel even better without him (her) in your life, so don’t make this any harder for either of you!

Sometimes it can be quite hard to fight the urge of texting an ex, especially if you still have feelings for them. It’s not impossible though; just remember why you two split up in the first place and why it should be better to move on separately. What do you think? What other messages are there you should never send to an ex? Please share your opinion with us!

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I think any text message for my ex is not good idea . The good idea is delete his number :) .

frfr lmaoo lol im ready da get home so i can talk da baeeeeeeeeee 11/8

I know all the silly things I shouldn't text but wish I could think of one fabulous text I could send.

yea im sick of lokking at these thots and bitchees faces to like wtf hey trying to prove hey ugly

Then be like, "sorry meant to send that to the contact next to u in my phone."

hey wud doing im in this lame class its so boring wrtie now

ohh he wanting u want me o drive u home or u got a ride

Nice one Emily! Very funny

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