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10 Straightforward Text Messages That Are Not Meant to Be over-Analyzed ...

By Holly

When you're crushing on a guy, it's easy to overanalyze every little thing he says to you. However, you can't waste all of your time trying to decipher his texts. Sometimes, you should just take them at face value. According to Elite Daily, here are some of the most common texts that women are always overthinking:

1 The “What's up?” Text

leg, Why would he text you at all if he had nothing to say?

2 The Midnight Text

person,beauty,supermodel,muscle,hairstyle, Does he want to talk or is he looking for a booty call?

3 The Rapid Response Text

black,white,black and white,photograph,photography, Did he respond so quickly, because he likes you?

4 The Hour Long Wait for a Text

hair,pink,blond,hairstyle,beauty, Did he take so long to respond, because he hates you or because he's playing hard to get?

5 The Phone Call

screenshot,aMC, No one calls anyone anymore, so that must mean he's into you, right?

6 The Snap Story He Watched

man,male,conversation, Did he think you looked cute in it, or just plain stupid?

7 The Snap Story He Didn't Watch

screenshot,film,Community, Why the hell didn't he waste sixty seconds looking at your face?

8 A Snap of Another Girl

New York Central System,New York Central System,NEW,YORK,CENTRAL, Is it his girlfriend or sister or best friend or mother?

9 A Snap of Himself

person,profession, Is he trying to show off to you or to some other girl?

10 When He Screenshots Your Snap

City,woman,lady,girl,beauty, That definitely means he likes you, doesn't it? It must!

If any of these things are stressing you out, it's probably time to put your phone down. Do any of these crazy thoughts keep you up at night?

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