5 Texts πŸ“± to Send That Will πŸ™Œ Make Him Ask ❔ You out πŸ‘« ...

Do you need some texts that will make him ask you out?
Let’s say you’ve been texting Mr. Handsome for days and weeks and now your heart is vibing and you're are eager to go on a date. Well if that’s the case, you are reading the right article. Waiting for your crush to ask you for a date could be disappointing. You want to get out, but he doesn’t seem to be asking. He might not be sure of your true feelings towards him, shy or a player (the worst case scenario). Anyway, if you want things to be moving, here are some helpful texts that will make him ask you out.

1. What Will You Be Doing on Friday Night?

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In hopes that he’s got no hangouts and haven’t thought of something, this is a good way to initiate a plan! If he asked about your plan, pop the question quickly! This is one of the best texts that will make him ask you out.

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