The Benefits βœ… of Breaking up πŸ’” with Social Media πŸ“± ...


Social media is great, Facebook is has changed the way we do everything and Twitter allows us to really express ourselves in 140 character or less, but … there is too much social media out there! Sometimes, I feel like there is so much information coming at me, it can be overwhelming, so why not break up with social media for a few weeks?

1. Your Phone Won't Hold You Hostage

Your Phone Won't Hold You Hostage
Productivity? You'll Be Better at It …


Best decision ever! Now when I'm out and see people with their head in their phone, I feel bad for them. They are missing out on the moment! Something you'll never get back!
Eileen Meehan
I don't be on FB. As much I'm only on it at night but not every night and I quite daytime now and find a lot more time to get things done that are more important to me and I'm much more happier now as...
I deleted Facebook a month or so ago and am so glad. I don't miss it at all. Just have Instagram
We can't change the technology but it can sure change us!
want to see how long you spend on social media: settings> battery> Last 7 days> clock. I spent 12 hours on instagram in week 1 and 1 hour on instagram in week 2. I'm so happy with myself
I actually misread this and thought it said breaking up over social media lol. But I don't think I could ever do this
FB is great for a lot of people, but I'm not a fan. I've sort of grown out of it to be honest.
I also deleted Facebook & I'm glad... More privacy & time spent with families. Allwomentalk damn better than Facebook.
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