The Best 👍🏼 and Worst 👎🏼 Places to Store Your Condoms 🙊 for Girls Who Practice Safe Sex ✔️ ...

It's important to know how to store condoms if you are sexually active. Giving them the best storage conditions retains their integrity and ensures they will do their job properly. Before we go into the best and worst places to store your condoms, there's three other important reminders about using condoms:

Always check the expiration date. Expired condoms can become dry or brittle, causing them to potentially break during use.

Wherever and however you store your condoms, they must be kept in their original wrappers in a cool, dry place away from sunlight in its original wrapper. This will preserve the condition of the condom.

And remember, before you use the condom, even if it is not expired, it is still good to check it for any holes or rips.

Here are the Best Places to Store Your Condoms:

1. Keep Your Condoms in an Empty Tin Such as One for Tea or Altoids

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Keeping your condoms in a tin will help preserve the condition of the condoms and is a discreet way to keep your condoms hidden.

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