The Best 👍🏼 Board Games 🎲 to Play with Your BF 💑 ...

You can't go out on exciting dates every single weekend. Sometimes, you'll just have to sit around your house and enjoy each other's company. Since you don't want to spend your entire date watching television, you should buy some board games to play. If you find the right one, you'll have a blast! Since you probably don't want to spend hours searching for something fun to play, here are a few of the best games for couples:

1. Mancala

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This is an old game that looks pretty boring, but can actually be tons of fun. It doesn't take long to learn the rules, so you'll get the hang of it right away. It's a two player game, and all you have to do is get as many gems as you can onto your side of the board. The best part? The board isn't all that big, so you can toss it in your pocketbook and play it with your man wherever you go.

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