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11 Latin Words to Use as a Pet Name for Your Man ...

By Holly

People say that Latin is a dead language. However, that doesn't mean that it's any less beautiful than the languages that are commonly spoken today. In fact, Latin is one of the most interesting and complex languages that has ever existed. If you want to help keep it alive, here are a few Latin words that you can use as pet names for your boyfriend, (even though they weren't originally intended to be pet names):

1 Cara

Cara means beloved. It's one of the best Latin words to use to describe your boyfriend, because it's short, sweet, and easy to say. If your boyfriend likes the sound of it, teach him what it means, so he can use it as a pet name for you, too.

2 Uxor

Uxor means spouse. If you're married to your partner, then you can use this word to describe them. Of course, no one will really know what it means, so if you want to use it to refer to your boyfriend, feel free.


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3 Mel

Mel means honey. It's a sweet thing to call your partner--unless your ex was actually named Mel. Then using this pet name could cause a few fights.

4 Deliciae

Deliciae means sweetheart. If that's what you normally call your boyfriend, then using the Latin version of it is a great way to shake things up. It'll sound like you were clever enough to say something new, even though you're just using the same word.

5 Mei

Mei means mine. As long as your boyfriend doesn't feel like you're calling him your property when you call him "yours," then this is an adorable name to use.

6 Amor

Amor means love. Most people would be able to translate this one, so you can use it when you want to make your feelings clear to those around you. For instance, if a hot girl is eying your boyfriend, break out this pet name.

7 Fortuna

Fortuna means fortunate. It sounds pretty similar to the english word, so your boyfriend shouldn't struggle to figure out what you're calling him.

8 Pectore

Pectore means heart. Since your boyfriend has stolen your heart, it makes sense to call him your heart, don't you think?

9 Fideles

Fideles means faithful. If you and your boyfriend are in a serious relationship, then this pet name will remind him that you're always going to remain loyal to him. You're not going anywhere, even if you happen to meet Chris Hemsworth one day.

10 Pulchra

Pulchra means beautiful. Even though some men don't like being called beautiful, because they consider it a feminine term, your boyfriend won't know the difference when you say the word in Latin. Until he translates it, you're safe.

11 Pulchellus

Pulchellus means pretty. It's a bit more complex than the other words on this list, so if you want to seem extra cultured, you can use this one. It'll give you the illusion of intelligence.

Instead of calling your boyfriend "baby" or "honey," like all of his exes did, you should use one of these Latin words to be unique. Even though some of them weren't meant to be used as pet names in the past, there's nothing stopping you from using them as pet names in the future. What pet name do you commonly call your boyfriend?

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