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The 7 Best Pets to Raise with Your Boyfriend ...

By Alison

Are you and your boyfriend thinking of getting a pet? There are many factors to consider in making your choice, such as the expenses involved and the time commitment. It's best to stick to animals that are easy to care for, unless you have the experience to care for exotic species. So here are some ideas of suitable pets …

1 Caged Birds

Caged BirdsCaged birds can be delightful pets, and don't necessarily require a great deal of space, so they're ideal if you live in a small apartment. Some birds, like finches, prefer company, so you may need to get a pair. Budgies are entertaining, noisy little companions that can learn a substantial vocabulary if you start teaching them when they're young enough.

2 Guinea Pig

Guinea PigIf you have the space for a cage, consider getting a guinea pig (or rather two, as they are happier in small groups). If you get a pair, get two females or a female and a neutered male. They're a good choice if you want a long-lived pet, as unlike other rodents they can live as long as 8 or 9 years.

3 Cat

CatI'm firmly of the opinion that the best pets are cats. They're wonderful companions and each have their own characters. Cats aren't always as aloof as they're made out to be, and even people who aren't fond of cats as a rule can grow very fond of one that joins the family. Cats are a good pet if you work all day, as they'll generally sleep while you're at work (and may not even notice you're gone!).

4 Fish

FishFish aren't necessarily the simple pet you might think. A fish tank will require a fair amount of space, and you'll have to filter the water and maintain it at the correct temperature. But they are often beautiful to look at, and many people do find it very restful to watch them swimming around the tank.

5 Rat

RatAre you scared of rats? Don't be. They're intelligent creatures who make excellent pets. Domestic rats will even learn to respond to their name and do tricks. They like interaction, so it's good for them to have a playmate (but not of the opposite sex, or you'll be inundated with babies!)

6 Rabbit

RabbitWho doesn't love a cute and cuddly bunny? You'll need a fair amount of space, and if you have a garden it's good for them to have a run. However, rabbits can also be suited to the indoor life, and can even be trained to use a litter box. In fact, it's safer for them to be indoors as they're protected from predators.

7 Ferret

Ferret If you want a pet that's a bit different, consider a ferret. They're intelligent animals that do require a lot of care, so if you want an easy pet, get a goldfish! Ferrets like company, so consider a pair. They're not ideal pets though if you have young children or like a pristine home, as they can be destructive.

Animals can be just as much part of your family as humans, and bring a lot of joy to your life. Always do plenty of research into caring for the type of animal you're interested in, and be sure that both of you are committed to the expense and effort involved. Have you had any clever or unusual pets?

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