The Dating Skills You Need to Have to Avoid Being Played by Men ...


Most of us know what it's like to be played by a guy, don't we, ladies? Not all men are players, of course, but there are plenty of them out there, and if you're into the dating scene at all, you're definitely going to run into quite a few of them. Sucks, doesn't it? It's awful to waste time, energy, and interest on a man you like only to find out that he's just playing you. No woman wants to be another notch on a dude's bedpost or another conquest story. And guess what? You never have to be that girl again. You can guard yourself against all the players out there and prevent them from having access to your heart. If you want to avoid being played by any other men, you just need some foolproof dating skills at your disposal!

1. What He Does is Way More Important than What He Says

It's so easy to say all the right things – that's why we always point out that actions mean so much more than words. Saying all the perfect things doesn't take any effort at all. Zilch. A man can say he truly cares about you all day and all night, but if his actions show otherwise, guess what's real? A man who won't put any action behind his words isn't serious and he's not worth your time.

Steer Clear of Guys Who Don't Have Any Self-esteem


I feel I have being played a month and a half ago for 6 months or so
So true. Wish I knew this a couple months ago.
A Agnes
So I'm giving him space and myself some space and we will see what happens
A Agnes
I'm also annoyed with the girl that she didn't tell me :( and she was all like 'oh what's happened? Tell me' :,(
A Agnes
Been out drinking with any other girls except for me.
A Agnes
Number 5 is what had happened to me: I was always the instigator and he never took me to the place where we work (the cinema) I hinted at it for the future, also he went to see a film with a female co...
This is so true 😩
This is on point,
Zoleka Mazie
When they say shit that don't add up
Great advice from this article. Wish i found it early. ☺
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