4. He’s Seen You Naked Vs He’s Seen You without Makeup

He’s Seen You Naked Vs He’s Seen You without Makeup

It's one thing to let your boyfriend see you naked. It's completely different to let him see you without makeup--or even worse, with your acne cream on. If he's seen that, you two are definitely serious.

He’s Met Your Friends Vs He Knows Secrets about Your Friends


David Venice
Pure love or fake love, that is the question :)
Starr Lejarzar
I love that when I read all these they were the serious part. I love even more that when I went into the comments and read @kiryn comment, I knew immediately that he considers me a serious gf because ...
Ok. It's alright to see a guy out on cream and shave his face but it's not alright for some random twat to see u with acne cream on? Tut tut
Don't agree with this blog, men are so good at deceiving women. Even if he showed all these signs it doesn't mean he's serious. I seem to make this mistake every time. It's not women being open with t...
I think telling him your friends secrets leads to trust issues. If you're telling him their secrets, he's probably wondering if you're telling your friends his secrets.
I like regular or good bf qualities
Somebody likes supernatural... Me too...
Kind of risky giving anyone passwords or codes. Just saying. No guarantee "serious boyfriend" will last and you wouldn't want anything personal on blast!
I loved this article especially #1 a true test
peony blue
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