17. There's Something "extra"

There's Something "extra"

There's something about love that's impossible to put your finger on. That's why, when you're in love, you'll know it.

There's a huge difference between like and love, even though the symptoms are similar. Do you like a guy or are you in love with him?


F**k I'm in love
Kimberley Perrett
I've just realised I'm in love... I'm officially terrified😂
Nice article by the way made me remembered my breakup day just because of the 2 words like and love😢
What if my lover says after 6 years of intense love relationship that he just like me and not love and then on my breaking up reaction he what he had to say that i am breaking this relationship just b...
So true!! This was a great article 🙂
Kimberly Campbell
Love is a very special thing. When I met my now husband it was very dif. Love at 1st sight for the both of us. I am so blessed😍😍
peony blue
One man's love is another man's like and one man'slove is another man's like take your pick!
@ Jules. Listen to your parents they want what's best for you
That's really sad.
@jules lol same with me!!
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