The Different Types of Men You'll Meet on the Rebound ...

The rebound is a … well, it's an interesting place, isn't it? Not everyone needs a rebound relationship after a serious one, but many people do. It's kind of like a palate cleanser. Ideally, the guy you meet on the rebound will be fun, funny, attractive – somehow stimulating, you know? You want to rebound with someone you can talk to and maybe hook up with, but you're not really looking to get serious. That doesn't sound like such a tall order, but you'd be surprised – or maybe not. Maybe you recognize more than a few of these typical rebound personalities.

1. The Bestie

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This can go in several possible directions. It might be the stuff of romantic comedies, you might actually meet the person who becomes your best friend, or it might just be an all around bad idea. It's a surprise!

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