The Fine Art of Pillow Talk ...


Face it, you aren't good at pillow talk. Hell, what is pillow talk? Most of us, especially after sex, just want to go to sleep, but this is the time for you and your partner to really, truly be intimate. Yes, sex is intimate, but this is where the bond comes from, this is where the heart comes from and this is what makes lasting relationships. If you want a lasting relationship and a deep friendship, start chattin' it up!

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Flirt It up a Bit

You've just had sex so flirt a bit! It's okay for you to still flirt with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Actually, it makes them feel really, really special and it will keep your relationship feeling new and fresh. Let them know how good they made you feel and really help them understand what you like.


Be Intimate and Keep Touching

Just because you've had sex, that doesn't mean you need to stop touching each other! I encourage the caresses to come now, such as running your fingers through their hair or exploring the parts of their body that you like but haven't focused on. Touching is learning and you can learn a lot by simply running your fingers down a bit of skin.


Romance is VERY Important

Oh gosh, this is a big one. You've got to be romantic with your partner! This goes hand-in-hand with the flirting and girls, you've got to make sure that during pillow talk, you are romantic. Talk about some of the things you'd like to see in your relationship, plan a surprise date, talk about where you'd like to travel together next.


Remember to Be Vulnerable

Pillow talk doesn't have to just be about small things. You can actually strip away everything that you have, all of your guards and really, truly reveal yourself to your partner. This is a great time for you to be vulnerable in the best possible way!


Chat about Your Day

You can also bring up your day! Chatting about your day, revealing what little quirks your job has or even if something different happened in your day, is great pillow talk.


It's All about the Details, Baby

Girlfriends, let me tell you how I've perfected my pillow talk skills – it's all about the details! I don't leave anything out and it really makes a huge difference! If you want to be as good as me with pillow talk, girls, you've GOT to make sure all of the details are included.


Plan Your Future Together

After sex is the BEST time for you to finally plan your future together. It could be as simple as planning your next vacation or planning your wedding. Whatever it is, you should definitely use the time to plan something together!

Pillow talk isn't hard - not if you practice and let it be natural! So, what other tips do you have?

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I have always felt pillow talk is just as intimate as sharing that special moment with your mate....You do learn a lot about one another and it is just a special moment.

I always play with his hair and sometimes he tugs on mine.

I am happy to just doze off no talking here!


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