The Girl Who Can Forgive You ...


Before you start ignoring her, just remember why you chose to pursue her in the first place. Remember the times that she made her heart race and the tip of your palms drench with sweat. Is she be the girl who can forgive you?

Or how about those times when she felt like she was not good enough, yet in your eyes – she was everything that you had been missing?

Before you reach over to kiss her, just keep in mind that she does LIKE YOU.

Just remember before it goes any further, know that she is always going to want more. She told you that last time. She confessed that she likes you.

But she also failed to tell you that her feelings have grown stronger for you. Yet, you gave her an answer of not feeling the same way; only to treat her like you did.

You played games. Maybe it was not done purposely, but at some point, you must know what you are doing is, well, hurting her feelings.

Because she told you. Twice. Is she the girl who can forgive you?

Never forget that she was the one there for you at the beginning. She sat there and listened to you when your ex cheated on you and then would call and unblock and block you repeatedly that one summertime. Remember that?

She even encouraged you to win her back, seeing the passion of desire burning in your eyes whenever you spoke of her. Even though she felt that you deserved better.

Even when that girlfriend did not work out, she still supported you throughout the ups and downs you went through during the breakup. She even encouraged you to start dating during the times you told her of speaking to this new girl or that new girl.

Yet, you always came back. You always looked so happy to see her. Because she was always happy to see you—your smile, your eyes, and just you with her in the moment. This was before the sex.

After the sex, she started falling for you even deeper and attempted to push it away, yet, she failed. Because now she is here writing this piece.

Regardless of the two of us talking or not talking at all—from what it appears to be your liking—just know that I will always care about you. I will always have a place for you in my heart. In fact, you are the one whom I fell for the most. You took me by surprise. You took my breath away. And the saddest part is that you still do in many ways.

These past few days since I last saw you have been mindblowing on how much it can hurt to just care about someone who I thought I could trust.

You are not a bad person.

I might have called you an asshole and other names, but in the end, you were by my side during a painful time last year; one of the hardest times in my life. I do thank you for that. I will never forget it.

But to be honest, you do need to get your priorities right before you play someone like that before you break the next girl’s heart. Just learn from whatever we had that you do need to give a girl an answer when she asks for one. Especially when a girl such as myself was being upfront and you promised you would be too.

I doubt you are or ever will be.

Wherever you go or decide what to do with your life, just know that this girl still loves you.

The Girl Who Can Forgive You

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