2. Remember, You Are There to Help Your Girl

Remember, You Are There to Help Your Girl

Or your boy, of course, because you can play wingwoman for a guy friend as well. Just keep your eyes on the prize.

Encourage Your Girlfriends to Be Confident


Kranti Kanade
Anyway, thanks for the nice article.
Kranti Kanade
Unfamiliar readers like myself and also takes confidence of a reader like me to ask.
Kranti Kanade
I understand that most people are familiar with some terms but definitely not all. I am ashamed to admit that did not know what it meant and that the meaning can be looked up on google. But still it kind of takes skill of a writer to describe to include
Kranti Kanade
It would be nice to not assume that every reader understands each and every term being used in the article. For example the main term here 'wing woman'.
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