The Ultimate 💯 Guidebook 📗 to Being the Best 👍🏼 Wingwoman ...

Sometimes, you just need a wingwoman. Nope, not a wingman – women kind of do it better. We have this intuition, this nuance, we know how to hold it down for our single friends when they're out on the prowl. I find myself doing this a lot for my single friends, male and female, so I figured, why not share what works for me? If you're going out with a group of singles who just want to mingle, remember this advice and help out your friends a little. Maybe you'll help create a love match!

1. Don't Get Wasted

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You can't be a good wingwoman if you're wasted – you have to be on point to help your friends with the hookup! Getting drunk also makes it that much harder to keep an eye on your pals – you want to keep them safe from creepers and Felipes, you know.

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