The Kinkiest Thing He Likes to do in Bed According to His Zodiac Sign ...


The Kinkiest Thing He Likes to do in Bed According to His Zodiac Sign ...
The Kinkiest Thing He Likes to do in Bed According to His Zodiac Sign ...

When it comes to sex, every single person in the world has one particular thing that turns them on more than anything else. Hey, this is a no judgment zone right here. As long as it’s legal, I think you should feel free to let your freak flag fly! Something that can be particularly fun is trying to figure out what kind of kink somebody else is into; perhaps a new boyfriend, perhaps someone that you have been texting tentatively, perhaps just a friend who you have been looking at a little differently lately! Here is the kinkiest thing that he likes to do in bed according to his zodiac sign!

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He has an insatiable thirst for adventure and risk, so having sex in a public place is definitely his kink!



He’s a simple man, his two main loves are sex and food, so you might want to think about some of the ways you can combine the two!



He is an excellent conversationalist in all areas of his life, so it makes sense that he would enjoy a spot of dirty talk in the bedroom.



His talents are in his teamwork skills, and this can translate to a hell of a good time if you wanted to experiment with a threesome or an orgy!



He is a natural leader and very dominant, so it’s no surprise that some of his deepest desires are in the world of BDSM!


Leos love to take charge, which often results in an appetite for handcuffs, ropes, and other restraints. This fire sign relishes the chance to have complete control, directing every movement and dictating the pace, ensuring that their partner is pampered and pleasured. It's a theatrical experience for them, both visually and sensually stimulating. However, it's important to note that this lion's heart is as big as their roar, and they always ensure that the power play is rooted in deep trust and mutual satisfaction. Their roar in the bedroom echoes their need for a fiery, enthusiastic encounter that is both intense and intimate.



He is normally the person who people turn to for control and leadership, so why not try flipping the roles in the bedroom and being a stoic dominatrix for him!



The opposite to a Virgo, a Libra is quite shy in their professional life, so being dominant in the bedroom can give him lots of satisfaction and pleasure.



He has a wild and varied imagination, so it's not surprising that his biggest kinks are in the area of role playing and acting out lots of sexy situations.


A Scorpio man is intensely sensual and enjoys exploring the depths of fantasy. His ideal escapade might involve power dynamics, where he can switch between being utterly dominant and teasingly submissive. He relishes the psychological play involved in these scenarios, making the experience as much about the mind as the body. For Scorpio, creating a vivid storyline and sinking into different characters magnifies the intimacy and enhances the thrill. Trust and consent are paramount for him, ensuring that his partner is as invested in the erotic drama as he is.



The ultimate explorer, a Sagittarius is basically into anything and everything! Give him something to look back at and be proud of in the form of a sex tape!



He is extremely detail oriented, so you can really get in hot under the collar if you text him throughout the day telling him exactly what you are going to do to him later!


The Capricorn man cherishes routine, but don't mistake this for a lack of passion. In the bedroom, his penchant for control and planning translates into an erotic form of discipline. He revels in setting the pace, constructing an intricate web of pleasures that unfold with precision. Eager to please and be pleased, he's turned on by a partner willing to delve into a thorough exploration of desire, teasing each and every sensation until it reaches its peak. With Capricorn, the anticipation is half the thrill; the longer the wait, the sweeter the release.



He likes to be in total control, and the kinkiest way that he likes to exert this control is to engage in a good old-fashioned spanking session.


An Aquarius man is nothing if not innovative, and he brings this ingenuity into the bedroom with enthusiasm. Whether it's introducing new positions or settings, he loves to switch things up. It’s not just about the physical for him; mental stimulation is just as important. So, expect him to combine his penchant for control with thought-provoking role play, crafting scenarios where he's the authoritative figure. Remember, though—despite his dominant side, he values consent and mutual enjoyment above all. Keep communication open, and you'll find that your Aquarius lover is as considerate as he is adventurous.



He is eager to please everyone, especially his lover! He gets the most satisfaction from knowing exactly what turns you on and executing it to perfection, so don’t hold back with your suggestions!

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