The 17 Major Mistakes Libra Women Make in Relationships ...


Oh, you Libra ladies. You're all sorts of awesome. I mean, yeah, sometimes you act like the world revolves around you, but that's kind of understandable – you're the sun! You're not always reliable and sometimes you get a little too complacent, but at the same time, there's nothing you won't do for the people you love. You're an amazing woman and an incredible person to be in a relationship with – as long as you avoid, or at least keep an eye on, the biggest mistakes Libra women make when they're in a relationship.

1. Admit It, You Can Be Vain Sometimes

Admit It, You Can Be Vain Sometimes

C'mon! 'Fess up! It's okay – a little vanity can be a good thing. Just make sure you don't become a big vain monster in your relationship because that's no good for either of you.

You're Also Unreliable when It Comes to Things


Isabella Coles
Hmm only a few points relate to me - I've put in a lot into my relationship and I think I've grown up a bit too :)
So true, but I don't know how to change that and make my future relationships
true but not all of 'em...
So true! I'm a Libra (sun, venus and mercury). Spot on :)
Some are true not all
Some are on point made me laugh a lil lol
Hmm half of them are true
London Lewis
This was so relatable be ur
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