The 17 Major Mistakes 🚫 Taurus Women ♉️ Make in Relationships 💔 ...


You know your zodiac sign can make a difference in your love life, right? I know you know that because I've said it before! This time, we're going to focus on that strong-willed, charming, somewhat possessive sign – Taurus! Taurus women are amazing. They like the finer things, they're a little stubborn, and they love sleeping in on their days off, but they're also persistent, practical, loyal, and independent. You're a total catch! You just might want to watch out for some of the most common mistakes Taurus ladies make when they're in relationships.

1. You Are Lazy – Face It

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Hey, it's okay. You don't have to go, go, go all the time. When you're in a relationship, though, try to compromise a little – for every lazy day you have, plan another day filled with fun activities.

You Are so, so Stubborn


Haha this is me (born 9th of may), except for the materialistic one. I like nice things. But from my boyfriend the only thing I desire is love
this is so me omg I'm 100% Taurus
To the tee except for materialistic
yemi olugbile
Very, very accurate and all me! It's scary!
Bettina Julie
Ohmygosh so accurate 🤔
Want to know about scorpion woman's plz:)
Deirdre Westenhauser
kinda scary... especially the jealousy thing..
A hahaha yup I can agree also I'm a Taurus after all 😂
What movie is number 6 from?
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