The Most Common Relationship Mistakes Your Zodiac Makes ...


The Most Common Relationship Mistakes Your Zodiac Makes ...
The Most Common Relationship Mistakes Your Zodiac Makes ...

No matter what sign ㊙️ you are, I can promise that you have some mistakes that you constantly make in relationships. I know that I've made a ton and I've been in the wrong relationship 👬 before. Don't get so caught up 👆 in a relationship, remember these tips!

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Oh little Aries, you tend to dive right ✅ on 🔛 in. You aren't scared 😨 to go from dating 👫 to steady to married in what seems like 💙 two 2️⃣ seconds, but really, it's a little, tiny bit longer. You get super emotionally invested very fast, which isn't great 👌 for you. Slow 🐢 it down 👇 a bit.



You like 😻 to get down ⬇️ and dirty so fast. You can get caught up 👆 in a steamy, hot 🔥 relationship 👬 and have sex right 👉 off 📴 the bat and your new 🆕 lover? They might not even be mature enough or even in the same place that you are in. Keep that in mind, because you tend to forget everything in the heat ♨️ of the moment.



You tend to hitch up 🆙 with all kinds of flighty types of people 🚻 who truthfully, are all over the place. Gemini's naturally like 😍 to talk, they like 💖 to discuss everything and do anything. You also have a strong ✊ abandonment of hobbies and you might lose interest in someone too quickly.



You like 💙 a partner that is going 🆙 to make you feel safe, that is going 👣 to give you exactly what you need emotionally and that is going 👣 to take 🎬 care of you. The mistake in this is the fact that you could end up 🆙 with someone controlling, someone that is emotionally manipulative. Keep that in mind!



Oh, our Leos are artists, they are adventurers, they are fun and that means that you've got to keep them entertained. That also means that a Leo ♌ will typically go for someone that isn't the most responsible person 👨 in the world. That means that there could be a lot of resentment in the air.



What you do is you don't play. You are a very serious sign 🉐 and you don't like 💙 to play, that doesn't mean that you don't have fun, but that does mean that your search might end up 👆 with a workaholic or someone that is serious too.



You don't like 😻 to stay single 1️⃣ at all. You like 💜 to settle down, be in a relationship 👭 and you want someone to love 💜 you. You're passionate, you are an artist and you might attract someone that will break your heart 💛 by being jealous and indecisive. Don't let your need to be with someone overshadow your partner's shady behavior.



You like 👌 sex without an emotional attachment, you might make the huge mistake of building 🏬 a relationship 💏 on 🔘 sex versus 🆚 actual trust and love.



You're the loner sign ™️ and while you want space 🌌 and you want independence, you still need to be loved. You might make a mistake of dating 👬 someone that won't give you enough space 🌌 or distance.



You like 💚 to date 👫 other grown ups because of how grown up 🆙 you are. That means that you want someone that is going 👣 to contribute emotionally and in the money 💰 way. Don't let your love 💕 for someone stable get rid of all of the romance 🌹 in the relationship 👬 too.



Oh, this is a sign 🆎 that can shut down 👇 and instantly become cold ❄️ and distant emotionally. Don't make the mistake of picking someone that you think you can change, trust me, it won't work.



You've got a hell of a lot of mistakes to watch 📺 out for. You are hopelessly romantic, you forget to notice that your partner is unemployed, a drug 💉 addict, damaged because you are looking for romance.

Now that you know what to avoid, keep all of this in mind! No 🙅 matter what, you are in charge 💳 of your own 🈶 relationships.

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So true

So true

I'm just thankful that you didn't bring up Leo's "ego problem" that I see everywhere

That was way to accurate

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