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The Most Common Sexual Fantasies Pretty Much Everyone Has at Least Once ...

By Sici

One of the most interesting elements of sex and sexuality in humans is the fact that we all find such different things to be super hot. For example, something that I think is incredibly sexy might be a huge turn off for you, and vice versa, but sometimes there is common ground that can be found in terms of the thoughts and situations that people all over the world get hot under the collar about! Here is a list of some of the most common sexual fantasies that people have!

1 Threesome

It’s not surprising that having a threesome is the most common sexual fantasy among both single people and couples. Having a third body in the mix can really liven up the party, and the fantasy probably stems from the fact that you can see it as a form of having sex with someone else without being caught cheating. It’s a way to be kinky and erotic whilst actually including your partner in the fun.


Bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. Those words might seem quite daunting on their own, but when they are packaged into a neat acronym they become a big turn on for lots of people! We have Fifty Shades to thank for a renewed interest in the world of BDSM, with lots of people turned on by the thought of things like spanking, restraints, blindfolds, and even stuff like dripping hot wax!


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3 Public Sex

It’s something that not a lot of people are actually brave enough to go through with, but having sex in a public place is a fantasy that many of us harbour deep down inside! There is something about the thrill and risk of getting caught that is very exciting to people. It takes them back to the days of being young when doing sexual stuff was still seen as naughty and forbidden.

4 Open Relationships

This is the kind of fantasy that takes the threesome notion one step further, where you don’t only fantasize about having sex with other people, but also enjoy a deeper connection with more than one partner at a time. It isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but there is no doubting that a lot of men and women out there get turned on by the thought of the freedom and variety that an open relationship gives.

5 Same Sex

Sexuality is absolutely a spectrum, and even though you might identify as heterosexual, it doesn’t mean that thoughts and interests in your own gender are out of the question. Same-sex encounter fantasies are super high up on the list of most common ones; we know that from the amount of search bar hits that porn sites and the internet gets every single day! Statistically, this has been proven to be a fantasy that more straight women have than straight men, but that doesn’t stop guys from having sexy same sex thoughts on occasion too!

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