The Most Romantic Disney Proposals of All Time ...


The Most Romantic Disney Proposals of All Time ...
The Most Romantic Disney Proposals of All Time ...

A Disney proposal is a surefire way to get someone to marry you. After all, we all love the parks as much as we love the movies, so how could you say no to your man? Any sort of reference to Disney during a proposal is a welcome one, because it's bound to be romantic. If you're a lifelong fan of Disney, you should appreciate these adorable proposals:

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Flashmob Proposal to Bruno Mars

What's better than a proposal that actually takes place at a Disney park? This one includes a flashmob that dances to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars. It's a pretty romantic song--and it gets even more romantic when a woman's boyfriend jumps into the mob and makes it clear he's about to propose.


Love is an Open Door Karaoke Proposal

This couple decided to sing Karaoke together in front of their friends and family. Of course, the woman had no idea that her boyfriend would end up proposing by the end of the song. Even though Hans wasn't the man that Anna was meant to be with, "Love is an Open Door" is one of the best songs in the film. That's why this proposal is so adorable!


Turtle Talk with Crush Proposal

If you've ever been to Disney, you already know that there's a Finding Nemo attraction with everyone's favorite turtle, Crush. He talks to the entire audience on a daily basis, which is why a lucky lady was able to get engaged during the event. After she says yes, the rest of the audience bursts into applause, which the couple seems to enjoy.


Surprise Homecoming and Proposal

If you really want to surprise someone, you should plan two surprises in a row. That's what this man did. Not only did he surprise his girlfriend by coming home from the army unexpectedly, but he also proposes to her right after he reunites with her. It's a lot for her to take in at once, but of course she says yes. How could she resist something so sweet?


Glass Slipper Proposal

If you really want to feel like a princess the day you get engaged, then you need a glass slipper. That's exactly what this man had on hand when he decided to propose to his girlfriend at Disney. First, he had her dress up like Cinderella, and then he placed the slipper on her foot, just like he was meant to do.


Disney Video Proposal

This proposal took place in the middle of the woods. A man led his girlfriend to a screen he had set up outside that played all of the most romantic moments from Disney movies. When the video finished playing, he ended the fun night by proposing to her. Now that's about as romantic as it gets!


Fairytale Proposal

This is a long video, but it's awfully romantic. It shows a man who dressed his girlfriend up as Belle, and then had all of their friends and family members dress up as different Disney characters as well. It's a pretty elaborate proposal that she couldn't turn down!

Disney proposals are always adorable! After all, Disney is the happiest place on Earth. How would you want your man to propose to you?

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Numbers 3, 6, and 7 are my absolute favorite! I'm such a romantic, these get me every time!

Number 6 is a complete production! Impressive!

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