The Nerdiest πŸ€“ Things to do in a Relationship πŸ’ ...

I'm a nerd who is married to a nerd. Before we got married – hell, before we started living together, for that matter – we were just two nerds dating … and man, did we do some nerdy things together. They were amazing, every single one of them. Our first few dates involved things like seeing Henry Rollins, watching The Nightmare before Christmas in 3D, and spending all day in a comic shop in Ann Arbor. Nerdy dates are awesome. If you fall on the nerdy spectrum, not only should you fly that flag proudly, and not only should you try to find a fellow nerd, but the two of you should eschew the traditional dates ideas and go on one of these nerdy nerd dates instead.

1. Make a Blanket Fort

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You can do so many things inside the cozy confines of a blanket fort – and no, they don't all revolve around sexy times. However, having sexy time in a blanket fort is pretty spectacular.

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