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The Only Thing You Need to Attract Men ...

By Sici

When it comes to the dating pool, putting yourself out there, and trying to attract the right kind of man, many women go to lots of different lengths in order to try to put across the right appeal and send the right kind of vibes. Lots of us make the mistake of thinking that we have to look and be more beautiful than anyone else in order to get the attention, but if you think about it, if there really were the case, then only the most gorgeous supermodels in the world would ever get to find love! I truly believe that there is someone out there for everybody. It is just a case of unlocking your own potential and knowing how to act when you are playing the field. In my opinion, there is only one thing that you need in order to attract your dream man, and that is CONFIDENCE.

The truth is this, if you don’t see yourself as sexy and appealing, then no man is going to see that in you either, so attractiveness definitely starts from within! Some women are blessed with lots of confidence naturally, whilst others tend to be more reserved and shy. We’ve all got it within us, though, it’s just a case of getting it out. Here are some solid tips for **how to be more confident with men. **

1 Pride in Appearance

The key to confidence in your clothing is not to dress in a way that you think he will like, but instead dress in a way that you like. When you dress for yourself, and you enjoy the way that you look, a natural confidence will start to ooze out of you. Taking pride in your appearance doesn’t have to be something that you do for others, it should be just as much as making yourself feel good too.

2 Positivity

Try to direct all and any conversation that you have with him in a positive way. Keep things light, funny, and humorous in your early exchanges with one another. Nobody likes to talk about the really heavy stuff right off the bat. If you can master the art of small talk, your confidence will come through, and he will be drawn in to conversation with you and will want to spend more time talking.

3 Ego

Make an effort not to challenge his ego, because as soon as he feels like he is being belittled or humiliated, he will clam up and his interest will be gone. Use your confidence to talk about yourself in a bright and breezy way rather than talking about him and leave it to him to bring himself into the discussion topics, because that will mean that he feels compelled to open up to you.

4 Role Models

Take inspiration from all of the super-confident role models that are available to study; those amazing actresses who are able to command a stage and a room with seemingly no effort at all. Try to take some of their moves and use them for yourself You’d be surprised how natural it can start to feel to play a more confident part!

5 Learn His Interests

You will be immediately more confident when trying to win over a guy if you already have some knowledge and insight into his biggest hobbies and interests. Take note of his favourite sports teams, the music he likes, his favourite movies ... all of the things that you can casually drop into the conversation and really impress him with!

6 Listen

Always remember to listen to what he is saying to you! A lot of girls make the mistake of giving their speeches and then switching off when words are coming the other way. If you can prove yourself to be a good listener, then you confidence in knowing him inside out will rise and he will treasure even more for making him feel heard!

7 Practise

You are never going to come across as confident if the only time you ever speak to a guy is when you are trying to flirt with him! Make an effort to talk to more guys at work and in class and the guys in your friends and family, the more you do it, the more you will pick up the ways that men are different from women in their everyday lives. It won’t feel so foreign to spend so much time conversing with him if you have the practise, and you will seem much more at ease and confident.

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