The Real Reasons πŸ“– Men Don't 🚫 Talk about Their Feelings 😭😑😰 ...

While I mostly dislike gender stereotypes, there is some kind of truth in the fact that women are more open when it comes to expressing their feelings. Men are taught to keep it all bottled inside, not to cry, and to be a "manly man". That involves playing it cool and acting aloof. Whether they've perfected the art so fantastically that they don't feel the need to say a peep, or if they're just really good actors - is beyond me.

For that reason, I've done some research on this annoying occurrence in hope to give valuable insight and reasoning behind why men don't verbalise their feelings. Are you ready to hear the truth?

1. They Use Actions, Not Words

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If you ask a guy how he feels and he answers, "I don't know" - it generally means that he really doesn't know. As women, we tend to assume the worst -that he's not interested in us, he's seeing some one else, or he's just not interested in what you have to say. But the answer lies in his actions. You know your favourite flowers he bought you last week? Or a picture of a beautiful sunrise that he says reminds him of you? That's his way of communicating.

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