The Realities You Must Face if You Make More Money than Your Man ...


The Realities You Must Face if You Make More Money than Your Man ...
The Realities You Must Face if You Make More Money than Your Man ...

It might be the 21st Century but women are still fighting inequalities. We still live in patriarchal societies where the man is considered the main breadwinner. But women are on the march. We're smashing through glass ceilings, we're taking on jobs in the traditional male sphere and some women are finding themselves earning more than their boyfriend/husband. This brings a dimension to your relationship to deal with:

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Constant Amazement from Outsiders

hair, human hair color, blond, clothing, hairstyle, One of the main things you have to deal with when you earn more than your man is the constant stream of close family and friends that seem to be really amazed by the fact that your relationship doesn’t revolve around some sort of medieval Cinderella complex. You shouldn’t be embarrassed in any way about your financial dominance; you are not some sort of damsel in distress that needs the wealth of a man to help you get through life, you can be just as secure single as when in a relationship!


No Guilt

black and white, person, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, Knowing that you earn more than your man, even if it is only a little more, means that you never have to have any kind of crisis or harbor any feelings of guilt when it comes to the thought of being a ‘kept woman’. Having your own wealth and resources means that your relationship is much more of an even partnership where you can treat each other rather than you waiting around for the next gift to be handed to you.


No Gold Digger Accusations

color, hair, lady, girl, beauty, From the dawn of time some women have been accused of being gold diggers for being in relationship with rich men who can provide them with everything they have ever wanted. If you have your own financial stability to start with, then nobody will ever be able to call out your relationship as one that is solely based on money and the benefits that come from having it. Both you and they will know that you don’t need a sugar daddy to get by!


Good Advice

singer, Being in a position where you make more money than your man can be a helpful one when it comes to giving him some sage advice about handling his own finances. This doesn’t have to be an awkward or patronizing experience. Instead he can regard you as somebody who has their financials in check and somebody that he can take inspiration and help from in a caring and loving way.


No Break up Worries

beauty, abdomen, leg, photo shoot, thigh, The sad fact is that a lot of woman will stay in a bad relationship out of fear that their lifestyle will suffer significant changes if their partner leaves and they no longer have the benefits of his money. With your own healthy salary, you never have to worry about making sacrifices for your own personal happiness. You could leave any time you want and not have to change your lifestyle to get by.


Treat Him

, You have the freedom to be able to break a few relationship conventions and treat him to dinner and a movie every now and then. If he loves you, he certainly won’t be offended by the tables being turned. He will respect you for being a strong, independent woman who is excelling in a job that pays well!


No Moving in Pressure

person, art, speech, aMCI, GIFULMINATION.COM, When you make good money, there will be no pressure to immediately move in together to save some cash. You have the luxury of taking your time because you can afford it, and when the time comes that you do move in together, you know it will have been for the right reasons.



cash, money, close up, glasses, minty, When we're reliant on someone because they help us out financially, it makes us feel as though we can't live our lives the way that we want to. By having enough money in the bank, we're able to be independent, to do what we like - when we want to. It allows us to live more freely with the assurance that we'll always be OK on our own.



supermodel, model, iLk, Society usually dictates that men should be the breadwinner in the family and that he should earn the big bucks. That also leads to women feeling as though men hold all the power in the relationship. But when a woman earns her own money and can provide for herself as opposed to relying on her guy, it's no longer about her having less power than him.



cash, money, finger, hand, nail, Regardless of what happens - be it unforeseen circumstances, unaccounted bills that need to be paid, or something bigger like a medical dilemma - you know that you are always able to help out while staying financially stable.

Finance is one of the most common reasons for couple's arguments and the basis of a relationship breakdown. No one can ever say if one earning more than the other is best. Every relationship has its own financial dynamics but I hope there will come a time when discussing this matter becomes moot and it is the norm that either couple can be considered the main breadwinner.

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