The Remarkable Things Strong Women do While Waiting for Mr. Right πŸ‘© πŸ’ͺ ...

If you've been dipping your toes in the dating pool and finding it's full of sharks, you might want to spend some time just being ... you, sans sweetheart. Being alone doesn't have to be pathetic, boring, or weird -- there are plenty of things you can do while you're waiting for Mr. Right. Here are a few ideas.

1. Travel the World 🌎

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What better time than now to travel the world, or even just the state you live in? You're free to fly (or drive, or take the train) anywhere you like... go for it!

2. Be a Good Friend

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While you're waiting for Mr. Right to make his appearance -- any day now! -- why not develop your other relationships? Focus on being a good friend, daughter, sister, and so on.

3. Focus on Career

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This is the perfect time to throw yourself into your work, while your evenings and weekends are (somewhat) open. Gain a reputation as a go-getter... why not?

4. Learn Everything

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Curious about cooking? Looking to learn a language? Wondering about walruses? Take this time to satisfy your curiosity about the world, and learn everything you can about, well, everything!

5. Get into a Hobby (or Three)

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Running, sailing, knitting, rock collecting, reading: there are so many hobbies, and usually so little time! Find a new hobby (or three) and enjoy yourself!

6. Make a List

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Do you know what you want in a partner? If you're not crystal clear, take this single time to figure that out, and actually make a list of wants, needs, and deal-breakers.

7. Be Alone, Not Lonely

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Being alone is a choice -- embrace it! You aren't lonely. You have a full, fulfilling life. You're not lonesome!

What have you done between boyfriends to make the most of your time and your life? Do tell!

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