The Science of Crushes ...


The Science  of Crushes ...
The Science  of Crushes ...

The special thing about having a crush is that you know it almost instantly. When you catch the eye of someone and feel that special spark, you know that the smallest bit of a crush is developing and that only serves to grow and grow the more you spend time with them and think about them! But, what actually is it that is going on inside you when you have these feelings for a new person? Here is a little bit of information about the science of crushes.

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Biological Similarities

It might seem creepy to think about, but you will often have biological similarities with the people that you crush the hardest on! They might have the same kind of smile as you, they might have the same colour hair, they might have similar eyes, just little things that you notice about them that, although you don’t realise at the time, you have been drawn to because they are the same kinds of feature that you look at in the mirror every day!



In terms of the chemical reactions that take place in your body, developing a crush is pretty much out of your control! Whether you choose to develop the crush in something more is up to you and your physical actions, but regardless of the actions you choose, the chemical attraction is still going to be there until you distance yourself or find someone who produces an even bigger reaction!


Relying on Someone

Scientific studies have shown that the more you begin to rely on a person, the more likely you are to develop a romantic crush on them. This type of relationship can be seen in the way that students crush on teachers, or workers crush on each other, those types of dynamics. If you are relying on someone to get through the day, then the physical and emotional combine together to create a really strong feeling attachment.

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