The Secret πŸ™Š Guide on How to πŸ“• Be a "10" πŸ”₯ in Bed πŸ›Œ ...

Let’s be real for a second. Sex is important for most people. It is something that you can’t go without and something that brings you the most amount of pleasure on a regular basis, but that is only if you are actually good at it! Finding your mojo and advancing your skills in the bedroom is something that takes time and commitment. Sure, we might all be good at certain things, but to be a true sexual master, you need to have all areas covered! If you want to up your game, then here is exactly how to be a"10" in bed!

1. Emotion

Make sure to create an emotional connection as well as the standard physical one. Feelings of pleasure are always heightened and intensified if you have an emotional connection with your sexual partner.

2. Don’t Assume

Don’t assume that you know all there is to know about getting down and dirty. Make sure that you let your partner know that you are open to suggestions and to trying new things, and together the two of you might end up moving into a new and exciting area that you haven’t experienced before!

3. Affirmation

Make sure to let your partner know that he is doing it right if he is making you feel good, because there is nothing like positive affirmation to make him feel like he is king of the world! Knowing that he is giving you lots of pleasure will boost his ego and give him a better experience too.

4. Dirty Talk

If you’ve never tried dirty talk before, then now is the time! Guys can’t handle it when girls whisper sexy things in their ear during sex. It takes their pleasure to a whole new level, and it is also fun and exhilarating for you too.

5. Experiment

Don’t be afraid of or opposed to trying new things. Sure, vanilla sex is fun in itself, but your man will definitely see you as a ten in bed if you let him know that you don’t mind experimenting every now and then!

6. Fun

Don’t make your lovemaking too serious, because if something goes wrong or doesn’t happen who you were hoping it to, that seriousness can really kill the mood. If you take a fun approach to sex instead, your partner will be more relaxed and he won’t be so worried about doing something wrong!

7. Unpredictable

Make the conscious effort to break up the normal rhythm of your love making to ensure that it never gets predictable or boring. Try things like edging to bring him close to climax and then making him come all the way back down again to wait for more. Those types of fun things are what turns a seven in to a ten!

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