The Sexiest Things to Wear for Him when You Can't Afford Lingerie ...


You've already spent hundreds of dollars on hair and makeup products, so there's no reason to waste even more money on lingerie when only one other person will be seeing it. If you want to give your man a treat, you don't have to look further than inside of your own closet. After all, he won't mind if the sexy ensemble you're wearing is from Victoria Secret or Walmart. If you want to save your cash, here are the sexiest things to wear instead of lingerie:

1. His Oversized Jersey

Women look amazing in anything, even their boyfriend's clothing. So if you're over his house and want to slip into something more comfortable, ask if you can borrow one of his shirts. Seeing you look stunning in something he owns is a major turn on, because it's a bonding moment. It'll show him how perfectly you fit into his life.

Your Old Princess Costume


Mine goes crazy when I wear short shorts. Works every time ;)
My boyfriend love when i wear shorts and a tank lol :)
My boyfriend is so much skinner than I am. All his clothes are snug on me or fits me just right. He thinks that is so sexy and I feel less self conscious about being bigger than him.
Selena Schmidt
My boyfriend really loves when I wear a tiny silk red robe with nothing under it really gets him going 😄
Nothing beats your birthday suit...I think men find just the idea I'd wearing nothing at all arousing! And I have always believed I look better than any guy in a button-down oxford shirt...unbuttoned, of course💋
Bday suit yes!!!! :)
My boyfriend loves knee high tube socks!
My husband likes nothing .. Just bday suit!
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