The Sexiest Things to Wear for Him when You Can't Afford Lingerie ...


The Sexiest Things to Wear for Him when You Can't Afford Lingerie ...
The Sexiest Things to Wear for Him when You Can't Afford Lingerie ...

You've already spent hundreds of dollars on hair and makeup products, so there's no reason to waste even more money on lingerie when only one other person will be seeing it. If you want to give your man a treat, you don't have to look further than inside of your own closet. After all, he won't mind if the sexy ensemble you're wearing is from Victoria Secret or Walmart. If you want to save your cash, here are the sexiest things to wear instead of lingerie:

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His Oversized Jersey

Women look amazing in anything, even their boyfriend's clothing. So if you're over his house and want to slip into something more comfortable, ask if you can borrow one of his shirts. Seeing you look stunning in something he owns is a major turn on, because it's a bonding moment. It'll show him how perfectly you fit into his life.


Women don't always have to buy expensive lingerie to look sexy. Sometimes, the sexiest thing to wear for him is something he already owns. His oversized jersey is a great choice for a night in. Not only is it comfortable, but it's also a great way to show him how perfectly you fit into his life. Wearing something he owns is a major turn on for him, as it creates a bonding moment between you two. It also shows him how confident you are in your own skin, and how comfortable you feel around him.

It's important to remember that no matter what you wear, it's the attitude that counts. Feel free to accessorize with a few pieces of jewelry or a pair of sexy high heels to make the look even more alluring. Alternatively, you can also go for a more casual look by pairing the jersey with a pair of leggings or sweatpants.


Your Old Princess Costume

It doesn't matter if all of your old Halloween costumes are scary, because there's bound to be something from a few years back that'll fit snugly. Whether you're supposed to be a sexy kitten or an evil witch, it's always sexy to roleplay. Anything you wear from a past Halloween will get his blood pumping.


Your Favorite Underwear

Lingerie is just glorified underwear. So if you can't afford any Victoria Secret babydolls or garters, you might as well wear your regular underwear for him. You must have a cute bra or two in your inventory, and if you wear it around him, he'll go just as crazy as he would've if you were wearing $100 lingerie.


Your Best Dress

You don't have to be half-naked in order to look sexy. You can never go wrong in a little black dress. If you have one in your closet, throw it on the next time you're planning to see your man, and watch his eyes widen in desire. Just don't be surprised when he tries to tear it right off.


A Sheer Shirt

Every woman has a white teeshirt in her closet. If you wear one without anything underneath, you'll technically be covered up, but he'll still get a good view of your goodies. So as long as you two will have total and complete privacy for the night, don't be afraid to go braless.


Your Longest Trench Coat

If you have a trench coat that's long enough to cover all your bits and pieces, you should wear it with absolutely nothing underneath. Even if you don't take it off for him, the thought of you bare under there will drive him nuts. Just don't get it caught on anything. You don't want to end up like Claire on Modern Family and be stuck naked in public.


Something Silky

If you have a robe, wear it to bed when he sleeps over. It doesn't matter if you're naked underneath or are wearing flannel PJs, because his imagination will be going wild. Plus, the feel of silk against his skin will always get him going.

Your man won't care if you're wearing something sexy from Victoria Secret or something sexy from Kmart. Either way, he'll get a great view of the woman he loves, so you might as well save your money. What do you wear for your man when you want to give him a night to remember?

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My husband likes nothing .. Just bday suit!

My boyfriend love when i wear shorts and a tank lol :)

One day my husband takes me a sexy robe for the night. I love it. He said wear it, but nothing under it OK. I don't understand him at that time, but when get full night I understand what he wants. Ha-ha!! He just loves me. From that day I love to wear it. I asked him where did you get it? He said online from Spicy Lingerie. Hmm Spicy like a name.

Mine goes crazy when I wear short shorts. Works every time ;)

Bday suit yes!!!! :)

Nothing beats your birthday suit...I think men find just the idea I'd wearing nothing at all arousing! And I have always believed I look better than any guy in a button-down oxford shirt...unbuttoned, of course💋

My boyfriend is so much skinner than I am. All his clothes are snug on me or fits me just right. He thinks that is so sexy and I feel less self conscious about being bigger than him.

My boyfriend really loves when I wear a tiny silk red robe with nothing under it really gets him going 😄

My boyfriend loves knee high tube socks!

This is the freaky shit. I'll go #1 for this post.

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