2. You're in Control Tonight

Men like to feel powerful. If you tell your boyfriend that he gets to pick the movie, the conversation, and the sexual positions, he'll be thrilled. The more you remind him that he's the one in charge for the night, the more excited he'll become. Don't worry, because you can take control again tomorrow.

I Can't Wait to Get My Hands on You


The Queen of Bitches
Some of these just sound weird.
I wish i had read this article before he left. I'm so regret right now cuz I didn't treat him well with the sweetest things, the sweetest words of mine.
Carly Lynn
It's good most of it but some seems waaaaay too obsessive and desperate
Nicole Marie
Well I know what I'll be telling my man soon! :D
geez girls I already do these things. I tell my man he is so handsome n sexy all the time. and of course that us fuel to the FIRE for me 😏
Someone's a bad girl...
I would use some of these but to make them more me I would make them dirtier and sexier. But that is my personal style. Lots of girls like saying simple stuff like this which works too!
Halo Girl
These are the kind of comments I want to see more on here! I have found so many hate comments!
Alexis Nicole'
Love love love these!!!!
I will definitely keep these in mind ;)
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