5. I’ve Been Waiting All Day for This

When you finally get to see your partner after a long day of waiting to kiss him, let him know how happy you are. He'll be pleased that he was on your mind all day, even when he was miles away. It won't only make him feel sexy, but it'll also make him feel special.

I Love It when You...


Devyn Fleck
Any tips for a girl who might be too shy to say any of these things to their man??
Love this(:πŸ’•πŸŽ€
Grow up girl u sound like a hoe on here @alka
Ritchie V
Dont get me wrong, we do Lkve to hear all these things. I would melt if J came home after a long day, with a nice meal, or if we both cant be bothered to cook, just to go out somewhere nice would be l...
Ritchie V
And someone who desperately wants to get .... Well you get my point.
The Queen of Bitches
And desperate
The Queen of Bitches
Some of these just sound weird.
I wish i had read this article before he left. I'm so regret right now cuz I didn't treat him well with the sweetest things, the sweetest words of mine.
Carly Lynn
It's good most of it but some seems waaaaay too obsessive and desperate
Nicole Marie
Well I know what I'll be telling my man soon! :D
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