The Significance ✨ of a Lunar Eclipse πŸŒ’ during the Blue Moon πŸŒ™ ...

Wondering about the significance of a lunar eclipse during a blue moon? Everyone loves a good love story and love makes you happy and creates a better existence. Whether you are looking for love or are in love, it weighs heavily on your mind. Some of us feel love from all around us. We have strong family ties, deep friendship bonds and pets we love with our whole hearts and all of this love helps strengthen our lives. On January 31, 2018, there will be a lunar eclipse during a blue moon. This is a very rare occurrence and one that hasn’t happened in 150 years. Blue moons are rare and so are lunar eclipses, but the two happening together is rarer still and can affect us in some very interesting ways, especially pertaining to our love lives. So, here's the significance of a lunar eclipse during a blue moon.

The moon is a satellite that uncovers mysteries and the unknown and we see this even more when it comes to our moods. That is why fictitious stories of werewolves happen when the moon is full because the moon has unusual effects on people. So, this lunar eclipse during a full blue moon will have eye-opening effects on love and romance.

In love relationships, the lunar eclipse during the blue moon will illuminate situations in these relationships. Issues that were hidden or uncertain should become more transparent and certain. Some of these situations may seem unsettling but ultimately will benefit your long-term desires. This event will bring clarity to friendships and relationships that have been inconsistent and blocked. So, remember that sometimes things need to be shaken up a little to settle where you want them to be.

All in all, look for the rare lunar eclipse during the blue moon to shed light on people and situations that may be uncertain and enjoy nature’s way of heralding in changes that we needed but couldn’t happen until the timing was right.

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