The Start of an Erotic Short Story ...

Tom's hands curled around my waist, his fingers digging in to the spot right above my hipbones. I loved how tight that grasp felt, how his strong hands could spread sparks through my entire body, even when he was only touching a small area of it.

"We're in public," I said, my back against a row of bookshelves, but my front pressed tightly against the growing bulge in his faded jeans. "Don't make me go too crazy."

"What's that? You want me to drive you crazy?"

"Tom," I said, drawing out the vowel in the center of the name. "Be a good boy, now. You can be naughty when we get back to the apartment. Or at least to the car. You can control yourself for that long, can't you?"

"I don't know. Maybe if I wasn't with someone this sexy."

He snuck his hands around to my backside, squeezing as his face inched closer. I twisted my head to block his kiss, but he just planted it on my neck instead. Then one on my collarbone. Then my shoulder. Then--

"Oh. My. God," a squeaky voice said from the end of the aisle.

Instinctively, I pushed Tom away, but he caught himself before he knocked into the shelf on our opposite side.

"Your dress is absolutely gorgeous," the voice, which belonged to a teenaged girl with high heeled boots and heavy makeup, said. "I love it. You look like a model. Where'd you buy it?"

I answered the girl's never-ending questions about the store, the fabric, and the prices, but kept glancing over at Tom, who stood behind the both of us.

He kept looking me up and down, mouthing "sexy" and "hottie," and giving me the eyes he usually reserved for the bedroom. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't turned on--or that I was actually listening to the girl blabber on about my fashion sense.

When she finally finished her miniature interview, we decided it would be best to get the hell out of there before she thought of something new to say.

"Look at that," Tom said, giving me a light slap on the butt as we walked through the parking lot. "Everyone thinks my girlfriend is the hottest thing around. How lucky am I?"

"Well, you'll be getting lucky pretty soon."

He laughed. "You liked that didn't you? Almost getting caught making out. The adrenaline rush. Hot, right?"

"Maybe," I said, drawing out my vowels again.

When we reached Tom's car, he opened up the door to the backseat instead of the front, and gave me a wink. "I have tinted windows, so no one will actually see us. But it'll still feel like they can. Like we could get caught... any... second."

In between his last words, he gave me pecks on the lips. When he finished his sentence, he turned those pecks into french kisses. He'd been munching on gum earlier, so the sweet taste of cherry enveloped my tongue.

"I couldn't say no to someone as convincing as you," I said when we paused to take a breath. "And definitely not someone as sexy."

With that, I climbed into the car on all fours, so he could get a good view of my backside, and then twisted to lie down on my back.

"An angel gorgeous from every angle," I heard him say.

Then I hitched up my dress and waited for him to climb on top of me to drive me even crazier.

** That's the whole story! Hope you enjoyed it! **

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