The 7 Sweetest Quotes about Soulmates ...

You might date a dozen guys before you find your soulmate. As soon as you do, you'll realize it, because he'll make you feel completely different than your exes made you feel. He'll bring out emotions in you that you never knew existed and help you feel happier than ever. That's the beauty of a soulmate. It doesn't matter if you've already found the love of your life or are still looking, because either way you'll enjoy these sweet quotes about how special soulmates are:

1. Soulmate over Cellmate

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Don't marry someone just so you can call yourself a wife. You don't want to feel like you're trapped in your relationship. You want to be with someone that you're proud to spend the rest of your life with. That's why you shouldn't ever settle for less than you deserve. Even if you have to wait ten more years, it's better to be patient and wait for your true love to come along than to marry the first guy who agrees to buy you a ring.

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